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W.I.P.Wednesday – Bavarian Crochet Headband.

So I’ve had lots going on since New Year.

And I’m behind my original schedule, mostly because I SUCK at time management. I have however, got a lot of useful info from the challenge I’m participating in. It’s called “31 days of crochet business blogging”

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Mondays Magic Moment – Bavarian Crochet.

I haven’t had much time to crochet or knit today. Main part of my day have been all about working behind the scenes so to speak.And I’ve been reading a lot, about everything website and blog related and taking notes of stuff I didn’t want to forget.

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F.O.Friday – Secrets To Be Shared.

I’ve been busy all week, blogging, reading up on a lot of stuff, starting a crochet business challenge held by Sara Duggan @ momwithahook, you can read about it on her website here, and have hardly had time to rest. It’s been fun, but oh boy,

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