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Hi there I’m so happy  you stopped by my blog and I hope you’ll enjoy your stay 🙂

My name is Henriette S-Hansen, my Nick name is Ferretmania and I’m from Denmark, where I also live. I’m the person behind Ferretmanias Creative Universe and the proud mom of 3 girls.


How it all began.


Back when I was breeding ferrets I needed a name for my ferrets pedigrees and came up with Ferretmania, and since no else had a similar name at that time it was perfect. I started using it everywhere on the internet when possible. And it just stuck with me, so when I got the idea that I wanted to start a blog about all the creative stuff I do, I decided to stick with it and implement it into my blogs name.

 Since my initial idea was to blog about everything I did, I decided on the name Ferretmanias Creative Universe. You know, Creativity Comes In Different Flavors right.. Like I knit , I crochet, I sew, I bake, I try to learn how to draw, I sometimes have fun playing around with my camera and what ever else I find interesting. And it’s all about being creative. And the list goes on and on , but I’ll spare you the details, before you get bored  😀

 Now , as you probably know, there’s only so much you can do by yourself without it being to superficial, or without you being all stressed out , and even if it hurt to admit it, I was taking my mouth to full, so to speak.

 So I had to decide what I wanted this blog to be about and I chose to go with the things I’m most passionate about, which is knitting and crocheting.

I admit it! I’m a yarnoholic and a pattern hoarder. But, I won’t promise not to tell you, about other stuff I do though. Maybe you’ll even find them interesting or worth trying yourself.

If you’re sitting there reading, wondering when I’m getting to the real point of this rambling, you know, the point where I answer this question :



What can she do for me ?


I’m getting there, as in, (almost)”right now getting there” 😉


I learned the basics of knitting when I was a child, but it wasn’t until my early adulthood I started to learn the more advanced stitches, by reading how-to’s in books or magazines. Mind you, that was in Danish.

Then I discovered all these gorgeous garments on Vogue Knitting, but they were all written in English-US. So what’s a girl to do eh ?

For me, well I started teaching myself all the abbreviations and terms, by reading tutorials or descriptions around the Internet. Not sure where my brain was at that time, ’cause it never occurred to me to go look on YouTube. Stupid really, ’cause there’s a lot of great tutorials there.


For the crocheting part.

Up until the beginning of 2012, I never really crocheted, except a few simple borders on knitted pieces. I always thought it looked so difficult.

Until someone wanted me to make a beanie.

And I couldn’t find a pattern in Danish that was quite right, so I started browsing for English-US patterns and whoa, did I find patterns, a whole bunch of them, both beanies and others, I wanted to do.

So I started to teach myself to crochet in English-US and a whole new World opened, filled with all kinds of gorgeous patterns.

 And my initial purpose of this blog has since changed.From being only about my knitting and crocheting, I now hope to inspire you, to try new projects/patterns or at least get ideas to what you want to work on next. Or if you’re like me, work on yet another project, alongside the loads of others I have going.

And maybe you decide to learn to crochet if you only knit and vice versa.

If I can learn to do it, so can you.! 😀

But hang on…there’s more.


I’ll present to you my “Bucket List” or I should say “My Goals List” for 2014.




I might add more as the year progresses and cross out the things I’ve done along the way.

 A side note though. Do not ask me if you can get a copy of my bought pattern. Those are copyrighted and I respect the copyright of others. I will however tell you where I got the pattern if you ask.

 And I never sell handmade items, whether it’s knitted or crocheted,  where the Designer haven’t clearly given permission to sell handmade items made from the pattern. If it’s not stated in the pattern , I make sure to have written consent, by email, from the Designer.


Have a wonderful day/night and thanks for reading.

-Henriette @Ferretmania.

 I’d love to hear from you, so if you have any questions or want to leave a comment, feel free to leave them in the comments section.

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Estimated translation to Danish : 15. January 2014.




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