F.O. Friday – Flying Of The Hook, Bavarian Crochet.

So how’s the weather where you are ? Here it’s been raining cats and dogs on off all day long.  And of course I needed to run errands.

See I don’t have a car and when I visit my LYS it’s on foot. And my LYS is a 2.5.km’s walk each way. Combined with bad weather and my Chronic Pain Syndrome (long boring story so no details here), I was pretty beat up when I came home.But it was worth it. I got the right colours for a custom order I received yesterday and I finally got a new printer, which I really need ,since I had to return the one I borrowed.


 Anyway, it’s F.O. Friday and I finished my Bavarian Crochet Headband. WOOOT!


Flying Of The Hook, Bavarian Crochet.


My first Bavarian Crochet Project , but not my last. I love this stitch, it’s fun ,gorgeous ,easy and works up pretty fast . It’s almost like it’s flying of the hook, when you get a hang of it. I did have to frog a few times, mostly ’cause I didn’t pay attention to what I was doing and the stitch is still new to me.

 So are you ready to see ?


Here goes.


[singlepic id= 80 w=400 h=167 float=center]

If you want to know more about my headband . You can read about it in this post.


So what do you think ? And have you finished any projects this week ?  I would love to know .



 Have an awesome weekend and I’ll talk to you soon 🙂


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12 comments on “F.O. Friday – Flying Of The Hook, Bavarian Crochet.
  1. Amy B says:

    this is soooo pretty!!!! I have many projects in the works right now….but hope to finish a newborn baby cap AND a cabled scarf tonight. we’ll see if I can keep myself focused!! haha

    • Henriette@Ferretmania says:

      Thank you , I hope my youngest thinks so too, since she asked to have it when I started. I know what you mean. Some days are easier than others to stay focused 😉

  2. Rebeckah says:

    It is so lovely! Can’t wait to see what else you make with that stitch. Me thinks I should try it too. I actually finished a headband today also. It was the only thing I have had time to crochet all week!

  3. Henriette@Ferretmania says:

    Thank you 🙂 You should go for it ! I really enjoyed making this headband using this stitch. What a coincidence, I haven’t had time to crochet anything else all week either haha

  4. Becky Dent says:

    That is so neat. I bet my niece would love one.

  5. Looks lovely Henriette. Something that small is perfect for practicing a new stitch.

    • Henriette@Ferretmania says:

      Thanks Sara 🙂 I agree and it’s something I’ll be sure to do in the future when learning something new.

  6. I made eggs for our pre-k grocery store. Does that count? I also started on other items. LOL

  7. Henriette@Ferretmania says:

    I would say yes ! Everything goes and it’s still a project 😉

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