W.I.P. Wednesday. On my needles and hooks.

I hope your enjoying this greyish and rainy Wednesday with your W.I.P.(s). And if the weather’s not like that where you live, I still hope you’re enjoying your W.I.P (s).I know I am.

I do however have a hard time deciding what to watch while crocheting today. I mean. Right now I’m watching Criminal Minds, but I’ve already seen that episode..several times. And as much as I love Criminal Minds and especially that hot baby boy Shemar Moore, I would have preferred a newer episode. I’m actually discussing ,with myself, if I should watch a movie from either Viaplay or Netflix instead. Any recommendations ? 

Anyway, it’s time to show you what I have on my needles and hooks, at least what I’m currently working on.

For starters, there’s the Oh So Cute Baby Dolls designed by Teri Crews. Pattern can be found here .

I’m using hooks 4 and 5,5 mm.

Pattern calls for both worsted weight yarn and Sport weight yarn.

My LYS has recently decided to stop selling Drops ( garnstudios) yarn and instead start having more of Lana Grossa’s yarn so for a worsted weight I chose to use Star. 

And I love it! It’s a soft cotton and doesn’t have the same tendency to split like Drops Paris.

For a sport weight yarn I chose Hjertegarns Bom-mix, a cotton acrylic blend. The pink and blue is a perfect match to the pink and blue from Star. Yay!

I started this project a while back, I think around June 10th. It’s for my oldest daughter or actually my grandson and granddaughter.

So are you ready to see pictures of my progress ? 

First there’s the doll parts : 

[singlepic id=15 w=640 h=480 float=center]

[singlepic id=17 w=640 h=480 float=center]

That’s a lot of doll parts. Don’t you agree ? Not to mention , my daughter wants crocheted eyes so had to make those too.

There’s still some parts missing, and my hook’s itching to be done, so I can turn my attention to a MCAL (Mystery Crochet Along) I’m participating in.

I did have some trouble aligning the baby girls legs and arms, I had to start over a couple of times when sewing them on, even though Teri has made an excellent video tutorial on her blog here . 

In the end , I think she turned out quite cute. What do you think ? 

[singlepic id=16 w=360 h=480 float= center]


Besides the dolls, I recently started knitting a stole.

It’s the Handspun Medallion Stole By Dorothy Reade and Donna Druchunas. Donna is one of my favorite knitting designers, I love her work.

The pattern is part of the Travel The World Of Knitting App and uses Knitcompanions platform. It’s awesome and easy to use.

I have chosen to use Lace from Garnstudio, since I had it in my stash and I like the color. It’s camel.

Needles are size 3,5 mm.


This is my progress so far

[singlepic id=20 w=360 h=480 float=center]


That’s it for me this W.I.P. Wednesday. 

I would love to hear what you’ve been up to , so please leave a comment 🙂 

For more awesome W.I.P.’s be sure to stop by 


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