W.I.P.Wednesday – Bavarian Crochet Headband.

So I’ve had lots going on since New Year.

And I’m behind my original schedule, mostly because I SUCK at time management. I have however, got a lot of useful info from the challenge I’m participating in. It’s called “31 days of crochet business blogging” and you can get more information  about it  here .

I’m slowly catching up though.

 But my being behind, does mean, that my first photo-tutorial, which I had planned to post yesterday, will have to wait until next week.

I still have some loose ends I need to “stitch” together.

 Anyway. On with my w.i.p. for this Wednesday.



Bavarian Crochet Headband.


The other day I decided it was time to start learning the Bavarian crochet stitch. You can read about it in this post and I’m crocheting a headband.

 I love this stitch !

When you get the hang of it, it’s very rythmic and it gets easier to watch tv etc. when crocheting.


Here I’ve finished the first half of the headband  :

[singlepic id=78 w=640 h=480 float=center]


And here I’ve started on the second half : 

[singlepic id=79 w=640 h=479 float=center]


These days I don’t seem to have much time to crochet. I hope that will change as I get a hang of scheduling my time.

 So tell me.

WHAT have you been up to ? Please share in the comments, I would love to know.



 Thanks for stopping by and have a great day 🙂



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5 comments on “W.I.P.Wednesday – Bavarian Crochet Headband.
  1. Amy B says:

    What a lovely stitch!!! I cannot believe I have not seen it before!! I am working on a cabled scarf and two different afghans….yes….all today 😀 As long as I plug along on each one I will eventually finish them all!!

    • Henriette@Ferretmania says:

      It really is isn’t it. I thought the same way when I first came across it.
      You been quite busy, awesome ! It doesn’t really matter how long it’ll take you to finish them, as long as you enjoy working on them 🙂

  2. Sara Sach says:

    Very pretty. Learning this stitch is on my to do list.

  3. Henriette@Ferretmania says:

    Thank you Sara 🙂

  4. Rebeckah says:

    That stitch is gorgeous, and the colours you are using together are lovely! Look forward to seeing it finished.

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