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F.O.Friday : Pumpkin Pie and Dragon Adventure.

It’s F.O.Friday and I actually thought I was going to show you my so cute babies . 

But…I’m not quite done, working on the last few pieces.

Instead I’m going to show you something completely different.

Last summer I finished Pumpkin Pie for my oldest daughter as a birthday present,

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W.I.P. Wednesday : Crocheting accessories, a beanie and something completely different – something yummy.

It’s already Wednesday again and I’ve been busy most of the time. Sun is making the weeds and the grass grow like crazy and I really should be gardening instead of crocheting!

But…..I really need to finish the  “so cute baby dolls” before the weekend.


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F.O.Friday : Custom Chevrons Skirt And Monkeys On The Loose

I hope everyone’s having a great Friday. Weather has been really lovely today, all sunny and warm. No surprise, since I’ve been a good girl this year. Haha! Or maybe somebody else has ….right ? 

It’s actually Saturday here , but I’ve been celebrating my birthday all Friday with my family,

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