My Thoughts On Designing And Pattern Grading.

I hope you’re enjoying your day.

Most of my day have been focused on getting my “About” page up and running. Yeah I’ve been slacking on that area and then WHAM, I just gave it a shot. You can find it here if you want to know more about me 🙂 

As you can see , I added my goals list for 2014 (or Bucket List if you will) to my “about” page, easy to find if I want to have a quick look at it and more important, easy for you to find, if you want keep track on my progress.

Now as you may have noticed , two of my goals where to design my first patterns. 


Thoughts On Designing And Pattern Grading.


I started thinking about designing sometime last year, but never got around to actually doing it. And why ? 

Well, first of all, things went a bit crazy last  year , mostly with my time management.

Secondly, I couldn’t quite wrap my head around the thought of grading my patterns. It wasn’t so much grading hats, scarves, mittens etc. , but more the bigger things, you know, garments. I could just seeing myself sitting there for hours and hours (or more likely days), doing it manually with a calculator, and that kind of scared me off.

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And I didn’t just want to write a pattern that only had one size.

Then , in the beginning of December, Crochetville announced the schedule of a Pattern Grading Class with Kim Guzman as tutor. In that class you would learn how to grade your crochet patterns using Excel or OpenOffice. 

Since space was limited I made a really fast decision and signed up. Was I lucky!

The Class sold out in , if I remember correctly, 24 hours. And I tell you one thing. It’s worth every penny! Even if the class is not done yet, and I’m a bit behind schedule, I feel confident and not scared at all , when it comes to pattern grading. The beauty of it all is, even if it says crochet patterns, you can easily use what you learn, to pattern grade knitted patterns as well.

I highly recommend you keep an eye out for this class, and sign up for it if you want to learn to pattern grade. Just my opinion 🙂 

Have you ever been scared of something and then got lucky so it all sorted itself in the end ? 

Any thoughts/advice on pattern grading/designing you want to share ? I’d love to hear them so please comment.

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2 comments on “My Thoughts On Designing And Pattern Grading.
  1. Henriette, I’ve wanted to take a class by Kim for so long now. She is a lovely designer, person, and teacher. Amy and Donna always have great classes geared to their visitors. You’ll learn a lot about pattern design over there.

    Designing Vashti has classes as well. You should sign up for her newsletter as she share lots of great information.

    • Henriette@Ferretmania says:

      I feel very lucky, that I got in on that class. It was just perfect timing and I’ve already gotten a lot wiser when it comes to grading. Yeah Crochetville has lots of useful information, I still got tons of reading to do there.
      Thanks for the link Sara, I’ll go have a look at her site 🙂

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