Blog plans.

For a while now I’ve been working on the Back-end of my blog.

As always when I’m doing stuff like that, a lot of ideas pop into my head on how this blog should be set up etc.

So yeah…I have some things I would like to change, but I’m going to do them over time.

My main focus on this blog will be about knitting and crocheting.

I aim to blog at least  4 times a week . There will be w.i.p. Wednesday and f.o. Friday and tutorials/translations of knitting and crocheting terms from US to DK. 

There will be a sales page with finished items for sale, and I do take custom orders ,so feel free to contact me here and make your inquiry (if an item can’t be custom made by me, due to the designers copyright restrictions, I will let you know ) . At the moment I only ship within Denmark. Sorry.


Sometimes I will blog about something completely different.

I  believe that creativity comes in different flavors and whether it’s writing, drawing, shooting pictures and so on, you’re being creative, and I like to do something different than knitting and crocheting once in a while.


I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here 🙂



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