F.O.Friday : Pumpkin Pie and Dragon Adventure.

It’s F.O.Friday and I actually thought I was going to show you my so cute babies . 

But…I’m not quite done, working on the last few pieces.

Instead I’m going to show you something completely different.

Last summer I finished Pumpkin Pie for my oldest daughter as a birthday present, but I didn’t get any pictures…Well I still haven’t pictures of her wearing it, but I do have a picture of the finished sweater.

Want to see ? 

I think it turned out great.

[singlepic id=36 w=500 H=375 float=center]


Pattern is from one of my favorite designers Heather Dixon , also known as Army Of Knitters. It can be found here. 

Pumpkin Pie calls for a worsted weight so I used Garnstudios Paris and circular needles size 5,5 and 6 mm. 

This was my first time starting a pattern from the cuff, but I didn’t have any trouble following the instructions.


Last year Stacey ,also known as Freshstitches released a dragon pattern and did a CAL ( Crochet Along). I was going to participate but didn’t get finished in time.

Pattern is designed to be a Dragon Adventure and you can pretty much get your dragon to look anyway you want him or her. Since my youngest daughter usually persuades me to give her all the plushies. I let her choose colors and how the dragon should look.

I used hook size 5 mm and  my daughter chose hjertegarns Roma ind red and turquoise blue. Pattern can be found here .


The Dragon Adventure ended with a dragon looking like this

[singlepic id=35 w=375 h=500 float = center]



For more great F.O.’s jump over for a visit at


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And now it’s time to go back to finishing up those babies. I hope you all have a wonderful F.O.Friday 🙂




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