W.I.P.Wednesday : Don’t you find it frustrating when….

Don’t you find it frustrating when you’re sooo close to finishing a project,and then you find out you don’t have enough yarn ? 

That is what’s happened to me this week. And I always make sure I have enough. Usually I buy more than I know I’ll need, just to make sure.

And this is a project that’s been waiting to get finished since last summer. I decided it was time to start finishing all of those w.i.p‘s I have lying around.

Wondering what project I’m babbling about ? 

It’s my Tigerlillies, a very easy knitting pattern from Army Of Knitters, that works up  pretty fast. It can be found here . Instead of using the original yarn (which would be to expensive to get to Denmark with customs and all) I found Reiki , a yarn from Onions Knit . I was very careful in calculating how much yarn I would need, but as it shows , not careful enough. 


See what I mean? 

[singlepic id=38 w=375 h=500 float=center]


Very close to finishing right ?  So now I need to visit my LYS and see if she still has that color. If not , I’m going to order online from a shop I know has it.

Have you ever tried being so close to finishing something and then run out of yarn ?

Don’t you find it frustrating



I’m also working on writing my very first crochet pattern. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile now…I’m not going to make something too complicated.

Want to see my swatch ? 

Here it is 


[singlepic id = 37 w=534 h=400 float = center]



Besides crocheting and knitting, I’ve been gardening. Almost done removing the weeds and now it’s time to enjoy just sitting outside in the sun…ah well, maybe not today, since it’s almost evening here, but tomorrow then.

I hope you’re enjoying the summer and having fun working on your w.i.p.’s.


For more great w.i.p.’s remember to hop on over to 



[singlepic id=21 w=170 h=125 float=center]

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4 comments on “W.I.P.Wednesday : Don’t you find it frustrating when….
  1. Mlissabeth says:

    I have done this, and ended up making short sleeves on the sweater. When it is really close, I go back and crochet just a little tighter. 😉

    • Henriette@Ferretmania says:

      I wish I could do that. Unfortunately, it will ruin the look if I make them shorter (they’re already short as it is) and using smaller needles isn’t possible since the sleeves are a tight fit. But thank you for the suggestions 🙂

  2. Regula says:

    You could frog both sleeves and start again, knitting with a maching yarn in each second round. You would have the shape of the sleeves as intended and the differende of yarns of body and sleeves would be less obvious. Do I make myself clear?

    • Henriette@Ferretmania says:

      Yep perfectly clear, thanks. That was a great idea and one I’ll be sure to remember. Not going to use it this time. My LYS still had the yarn in the right color..and to my surprise same dye lot, so I am a very happy knitter right now 😀

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