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Happy New Year!

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New Year, New Beginning.


I hope you had a safe and happy New Years Eve. My youngest daughter and I stayed at home, just hanging out and watching the fireworks at midnight.

Last Year has been a bit messed up despite all my great plans of, what I was going to do with my blog, my crafting and such. Anyway, I’m sure THIS year will be different, especially since it started out great!

Want to know why ?

If not, I’m going to tell you anyway.

I won a writing contest! 

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And now I feel like I could fly, just like a butterfly. I’ve had that feeling all day, ever since I found out I won. There weren’t a lot of other people participating, but still, I never thought I would win, and I’m SO proud of myself for participating. Especially since I never meant to, it was a last minute decision on my part.You can read my entry in this post and read the contest rules on CyberChimps blog here .


Now, as probably most other people around the World, I’ve got several New Years resolutions and goals I want to achieve before the end of year 2014.

How about you? please share in the comments section  🙂 

I’m only going to show you my goals list, since it’s pretty much all about my blog and creative goals.



Anyway, on to the W.I.P. I want to show you for this week.


Like A Butterfly.


So I was looking for a sweater I could make for my 8 year old daughter, BUT everytime I’ve been looking it was like I couldn’t find any I really really liked, or any she like for that matter. Girls start very early knowing what they like and want , when it comes to clothing, right ? 

Anyway , one day I came across My Pdf Patterns  and there they were, lots of gorgeous patterns for girls and most important…..My daughter loved them! She got to choose which sweater she wanted me to knit and then we went yarn shopping at the local LYS.

 I’m almost done with the back. 

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When done it,hopefully, has a giant crocheted butterfly on both the front and back. It’s my favourite knitting atm when wacthing a movie since it’s all stockinette stitch except the butterflies. I just wish my 5 mm needles haven’t gone missing lol , the downside of working several pieces that uses the same needle size and are interchangable. 

I’m using Lana Grossas Star, a 100 % cotton yarn , weight = Aran and needles 4 and 5 mm. You can find the pattern on Ravelry here and my projects page here (shared public). 


What are you working on ? I would love to know.


Thanks you for stopping by ,reading and commenting 🙂 

If you want to see more awesome W.I.P.’s be sure to stop by Tamis 


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2 comments on “W.I.P. Wednesday – Like A Butterfly
  1. Henreitte, congrats on winning the writing challenge. I uses to write a lot over on Squidoo.com and won a couple of challenges over there. I remember that high butterfly feeling. It just feels good.

    Your sweater is lovely. Can’t wait to see it with the butterflies.

    I know what you mean about organizing pdf patterns — I have lots and I want to crochet each one.

    • Henriette@Ferretmania says:

      I still have that feeling Sara 😀 And I wasn’t planning on participating. It was sort of a last minute decision, but I’m SO happy I took the jump. I just wish I’ve made the decision a bit earlier. There were a few more things I would have like to have added.

      Thank you, I still have to find those missing needles though, maybe I should start organizing my stash and needles and hooks instead of patterns.

      Oh yeah, the organizing part is a pain to get started on, I have tons of knitting and crochet patterns and several books too, and I too want to make them all.

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